Semiotic Study of Symbols in Dan Brown’s “Inferno” Novel

  • Laksmy Ady Kusumoriny
  • Shinta Tisya Amalia
Keywords: Semiotics, Symbols, Dan Brown’s Inferno Novel, Peirce’s Theory


This study is aimed to describe semiotic studies concerning symbols and their meanings found in Dan Brown’s Inferno (2013) novel. This study uses a descriptive qualitative method which tries to identify, to analyze, and to describe the symbols found in Dan Brown’s Inferno novel using semiotic theory by Charles Sanders Peirce (1991). The data for the finding and analysis were taken from Dan Brown’s Inferno novel. The result of this study shows 30 symbols which are related to Christianity, Dante Alighieri’s life, The Seven Deadly Sins, The Divine Comedy, The Black Death, Transhumanism and Humanism movement.

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